Our Venture

We understand rural India like no one else does.

Our Venture

GSUNITE INDIA LIMITED incorporated in INDIA is a Unit of Gsunite Group providing a B2B digital platform for its retail network to provide Financial Inclusion services for the underserved population.

We are one of the fastest growing B2B Group which is massively expanding its geographical presence to serve the Bharat side of India and contributing towards India Stack.


To add value to our rural consumers and partners, we have created strategic initiatives and programs.

Venture one demo

Our relationship with kirana stores goes beyond transactions. We engage with them via gamification and contests to create a sense of belonging. This initiative helps us with data gathering from kirana store retailers across India.

Our Venture demo two

Rural India’s first ever loyalty program that rewards consumers and kirana store owners to transact on and refer Gunite. Created to offer exclusive benefits to our users and ensure they are deeply connected with the brand.

Our Venture demo three

India’s largest marketplace to help rural consumers connect with buyers and sellers online. With Bazaar, kirana store owners get a new opportunity to sell their local products and services, not just in their village but across the nation.

Our Partners