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The School has modern art of infrastructure [Double story building]. It is well ventilated. There are two wings Junior wing on ground floor and Senior wing on I floor.


Our Library is a big source of knowledge for our students. Size of library is 18*42 There are nearly 5000 books on all subjects I n all concerned languages.

Multimedia Based Education:

Due to the latest advancement in modern technologies and dynamism in modern education, we have switched over to multimedia based education. We have two Smart Classes systems which helps the students to understand the content easily.


Sports plays a very important role students life. We have the facility of Indoor and outdoor games such as
Table Tennis
Long jump and High Jump Race 100M to 400M.etc .

Area of School in Square Metres : 8093
Total Building Blocks : 1
Total Number of Rooms : 23
Number of Washrooms for Male Staff : 1
Total Number of Medium-Sized Rooms : 15
Number of Male Staff Room : 1
Total Number of Libraries : 1
Total Number of Canteens : 0
Number of Water Purifiers/ROs : 2
Total Number of Toilets : 8
Number of Boy’s Toilets : 3
Area of Playground in Square Metres : 5200
Number of Sites : 1
Number of Washrooms for Female Staff : 1
Total Number of Small-Sized Rooms : 3
Total Number of Large-Sized Rooms : 5
Number of Female Staff Room : 1
Total Number of Playgrounds : 1
Number of Staff Canteens : 0
Number of Auditoriums : 1
Number of Gilrs’ Toilet : 4
Number of Toilets for Differently abled : 1
Does your School has Clinic facility ? : No
Does your School has a Gymnasium? : No
Provision of Web based Learning Programs? : No
Does your School has Sports facility? : Yes
Does your School has a Swimming pool? : No
Does your School has a Strong Room? : No
Is your School Wi-fi Enabled? : Yes
Does your School has Fire Alarms? : Yes
Does your School has Indoor games facility? : Yes
Does your School has Dance/Music Facility? : Yes
Does your School has a Boundary wall? : Yes
Is Your School Barrier free? : Yes
Any other Academic Activity running on Campus? : No
Is the School Examination center of CBSE : No
Building Safety Certificate : View (building/20839.pdf)
Transport Safety Certificate : View (transport/20839.pdf)
Number of Lifts/Elevators : 0
Number of Activity Rooms : 1
Number of Smart Classes : 1
Number of Fire Extinguishers : 15
Number of Buses Owned : 2
Number of Vans/Matadors : 0
Number of Vehicles available for staff : 1
Transport Coordinator : Amir khan
Number of laboratories : 5
Number of guards employed for safety : 2
Number of Sprinklers : 1
Number of Buses Hired : 1
Number of Drivers : 4
Number of Private Cars Available : 1
Transport Coordinator Contact : 9050918371
Number of Computers in Computer Lab : 10
Number of Web Services in School : 1